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Credit Card Debt Help

Free yourself from debt with ChapterTwo. Our experienced team can get you back on track today.

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A first in Australia, ChapterTwo has developed an app for you to manage your debts all in one place. More content explaining needed here.

Debt wiped
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Saved from bankruptcy
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Download our app & watch your balance decrease without interest compounding

This app is the first of its kind in Australia. See your debts in one place without having to login to numerous internet banking sites!

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Just one regular payment!

Just one regular payment!

View your live credit score

View your live credit score

Stop the calls

Stop the calls

We protect your credit rating

We protect your credit rating

No Debt Agreements

No Debt Agreements

Freeze interest & repayments

Freeze interest & repayments

Reduce debts by up to 80%

Reduce debts by up to 80%

Full Support

Full Support

The ChapterTwo Process

listen and learn
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We freeze your interest and work with your creditors
to place you into one of the ‘bankruptcy free’ plans below:

Long Term Arrangement / Informal Agreement
Full & Final Settlement
Refinance your property and consolidate your debts
room to breath
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You make one regular payment

Using our app, you make a single payment to ChapterTwo
We disburse the payments to all of your creditors for you
You will have access to the running balances of all of your debts on the app
reduce debts
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Transparency like never before

View your repayment history
View your debt balances
View what you have saved through the app!
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Utilise our Knowledge Centre

Once your payment plan is in place, we offer you further assistance to manage your debt free life
We assist with your future budgeting
We assist with your future property buying and more!

Take control of your debt today

Get in touch for a free consultation. We are fully aware of just how much courage it
takes to ask for help. We listen, we understand, we care and we do not judge.



Recent Case Studies

The Artist

Case Study 1

Debt – $28,000 in credit cards
Solution – Full and final settlement

Our 60-year-old client was experiencing financial hardship, due to significant decline in commissions for his art work. His financial situation had been deteriorating for a few years, however it wasn’t obvious to our client, as the rollercoaster ride he had been on had become a normal part of his life.

So he ploughed on as usual making artworks and using credit cards to cover his expenses, hoping things would get better, because they had done so in the past. Unfortunately, the latter year turned out to be a very tough one. Virtually no rewards for all his efforts – just more expenses.

Furthermore, there were no suitable employment prospects in the region our client lived in. Feeling despondent and hopeless at not being able to meet is living needs, plus meet his debt obligations, our client turned to ChapterTwo for help.

How we helped:
Negotiated with his creditors for a 6 months freeze on interest and repayments
We provided breathing space and peace of mind for our client, allowing him to focus on his future goals
We were able to negotiate debt reductions with his creditors
Full and final settlement agreement was reached at an average of 45cents in the dollar
This meant a 45% lump sum payment (approx $12,500) was required to close all his debts

The Pregnant Pause

Case Study 2

Debt $90,000 in Credit Card & Personal Loans
Solution – Long Term Arrangement

Our client started experiencing financial hardship when his wife fell pregnant with their first child and faced complications during the whole pregnancy and after the birth of their child. This warranted ongoing medical attention and she wasn’t able to work.

Our client wanting to do whatever it takes applied for credit cards and personal loans to get by and fell into the trap of using his credit facilities to cover medical costs and the shortfall in income due to his wife not working.

Soon his financial situation spiralled out of control and our client was unable not meet his debt repayment obligations. This significantly impacted our clients mental state, as being the sole provider for the family this placed significant amount of stress on him. Feeling trapped and stressed with the constant bombardment of phone calls from debt collections departments, our client contacted ChapterTwo for help.

How we helped:
We negotiated with the six creditors on his behalf and reached a Long Term Arrangement that our client could afford
The interest was waived on most of his debts and significantly reduced on the rest
Our client now pays the principle off over the next 7 years


Why You Should Never Accept a
Part IX Debt Agreement

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Financial hardship is when you are unable to meet your contractual debt obligations because of unexpected events that impact your cash flow, such as unemployment or having hours reduced, unexpected expenses, illness, family tragedy or a natural disaster.