Chris Saracini
21 September 2020
Chapter Two is totally legit. They could easily earn a lot more money acting as yet another predatory financial service, but instead they actually help people - and they know their stuff. When I found these guys, I had a massive debt with a company whose 'hardship team' had no interest whatsoever in negotiating with me, but Chris Mushan and Peter Comino were able to get them off my back for two whole years before a palatable settlement arrangement was offered, and now I am debt free. Chapter Two's fees were also VERY reasonable in my experience. I highly recommend this company.
Victoria Campbell
19 May 2020
Hi my name is Victoria-I am writing this review with much gratitude and appreciation for the incredible work Chris Mushan of Chapter Two has done in completely wiping my brother in law’s debt as he has been diagnosed with a brain tumour and is unable to work after his operation. Thankyou for your patience and caring attitude Chris as I know this wasn’t a simple job. Words cannot express how thankful us Campbell’s are Chris Mushan?the pressure it has taken off Colin and his family is enormous! Thanking you Chris Mushan and Chapter two. The girls on reception were always so caring and friendly too!!!?
Liz Ferguson
16 May 2020
If you are like me, I am always wary that great reviews are written by the company and not real customers. Let me assure you I am real and so is my story. I am a 65-year-old female, I had built a business up over 22 years & out of the blue due to unexpected health issues couldn’t work to my capacity anymore. I had amassed over $122,000 of personal & business credit card debt to try & keep afloat. I always did the right thing & paid my credit card debts for many years approx. $4000 per month just for credit card payments no other bills. I had already asked for a loan against the equity in my home which would have solved the problem but due to my age the bank said no as other lenders. My business & income were declining, I was drowning in debt. All I could see on the horizon was me losing my business, home & having to go bankrupt. I was in such a dark place, depressed, alone .After weeks of searching the internet about Debt Solutions Companies I exhausted the list, I was now not only feeling desperate but angry that the industry spouts how they can help you but empty words without meaning or any care. I only felt that I was their meal ticket. It was all about money and what was in it for them, don’t get me wrong I understand a person must be paid for their services, only too happy to pay a reasonable fee for their expertise but felt the companies I had spoken to didn’t really care what happened to me in the end. On the day I was about to give up I saw an article on a company called ChapterTwo, it caught my interest, I could relate to what was written, it sounded sincere and that they did things differently. I thought just one more call, they probably won’t answer or ring back as a lot of other companies hadn’t. What a surprise, a lovely girl answered the phone with such a caring voice and ensured me Chris would call me back after his meeting. Well Chris rang me back as promised, all he said was, Liz tell me your story, and he listened, at the end of my story he told me he could help me, and would send me confirmation in writing (got the email within ½ hr as promised) and details of his fees and what process he would follow after getting more information from me. He arranged for all payments to be frozen whilst they negotiated on my behalf. I felt immediate relief that I was in someone’s hands that was going to help me to the best of their ability and that was all I was asking for. I live in Brisbane and ChapterTwo are in Sydney and I thought how am I going to manage this, well it was so easy. By phone calls and emails. I answered all their questions sent the form off and was told the team would review and come back with a few more questions. I would be updated every step of the way. Just like the first phone call they were totally of their word. For the first time I felt like I had a chance, I had decided to use my Super to pay my creditors. So, I had expected to pay out a minimum of $50,000 to save my home and business and be credit card free. What happened next floored me, Chris decided he wasn’t going to offer my super but asked for the debt to be waived totally due to my circumstances. I started this process on 31st January 2020 and on the 16th April 2020 the process was finalized and the total debt was waived. ChapterTwo (Chris) literally saved me, my home and I can never repay him for what he has done, I know it is a business and that is what he does but it is the way a business conducts themselves that is important especially in an industry that people are so desperate, vulnerable and are on the edge. Not everyone is going to be as lucky as I was, I understand that, but I can honestly say that if you need help this is the company to help you navigate thru a difficult journey. As far as I am concerned, they are the best. They know how to and who to negotiate with to get incredible results. I am indebted to Chris for life not for just helping me financially thru this but caring enough to take it a step further due to my circumstances and giving me a chance to move forward.
Daryoush Zand
5 May 2020
Sincere Thank you to Chris and Peter for all your efforts in reducing & consolidating our debts, it significantly helped us and indeed saved our business. Best regards, Daryoush & Kate
Asef Ali
7 May 2019
Really professional and helpful. Highly recommended
Jo-Anne S
8 February 2019
THANK YOU!! ChapterTwo..especially to Chris & Peter who did a excellent job with consolidating all my debts and refinancing my home loan. They went above & beyond to help me refinance & with the situation I was in, they had their work cut out for them! But they never gave up. They also kept me informed the whole way through the loan process on any updates, great communication. So I am one very happy debt free customer & I would definitely recommend ChapterTwo to anyone who’s looking for financial relief.. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Jenny Van Cleef
9 June 2018
In two words..."Life Changing" and "THANK YOU". We cannot thank Peter and John from Chapter Two enough, from start to finish they were professional with superior customer service. Our circumstances had us struggling and in a mess, Peter provided amazing support to us from start to finish and managed the overall arrangements, giving great advice and guidance. Finding someone you can trust and rely on in the finance area can be a challenge, bit like finding a good Doctor, Dentist and Hairdresser they are people you trust and will stick with for life. Chapter Two you certainly fit in this category, you have us for life now, for any future financial steps we will certainly be using and recommending your services without hesitation. We sincerely want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to restart our story at "Chapter Two".

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