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refinancing your mortgage could turn your life around

Mortgage Refinancing

Place your future in safe hands

Place your future in safe hands

Mortgage Refinance

Need a better rate on your mortgage?

With hundreds of rates on offer, we can save you thousands with a simple refinance on your home loan.

Mortgage Refinance

Is your debt building?

If debt is building on your credit cards, we can lower the interest and consolidate through refinancing. 

Mortgage Refinance

When does it make sense to refinance?

Have you had a job change influencing income? Looking for more real estate? Want to renovate your home?

Contact one of our experienced ChapterTwo consultants through one of our enquiry forms

Contact one of our experienced ChapterTwo consultants through one of our enquiry forms


Frequently asked questions


Who should refinance their mortgage?

ChapterTwo assist people with mortgage refinance that are in many different financial situations. We provide solutions for refinancing or consolidating loans to people who:

– Have been previously bankrupt
– Looking to reduce financial stress
– Have an irregular income
– Are self employed
– Have an unfavorable credit history
– Those who have existing loans
– Pensioners
– Short-term employed


ChapterTwo also provides assistance to those who want to:

– Increase cash flow
– Merge all payments into one
– Pay off mortgage faster
– Renovate house
– Buy a new car
– Change to a home loan which is tailored to you


How does refinancing mortgage work?

Put simply, it can be said that mortgage refinancing is exchanging your current mortgage plan for a new one. This is very beneficial to those wishing to pay out their current mortgage and any other debt they may have at the same time.


What if I am credit impaired or in debt?

This loan is designed to help those borrowers with bad credit or a poor credit history to purchase or refinance a home. If you fall into this category, or have had time off work, become bankrupt, or even have a Part 10 Debt Agreement, ChapterTwo may look to refinance your mortgage and consolidate your debts to minimise your repayments, settle debts and eventually clean up your credit rating.


ChapterTwo go above and beyond to find the right solution for all of our clients. We understand that everyone and their situations are unique, and are willing to assist those who have previously been denied by a bank or mortgage broker. Why don’t you give ChapterTwo a call and see what we can do to help you.


Consolidate debt through mortgage refinance

There is a number of ways to consolidate credit card and personal loan debt. An option for you to consider is doing this by refinancing your home loan. Often, ChapterTwo can offer a mortgage refinance that is at a lower rate of interest than your personal loans or credit cards.


When you establish your debts under your mortgage through ChapterTwo, we create a simple payment scheme, combining your debts into one easy payment at a potential lower rate than you are currently paying. Our expert mortgage brokers will help you evaluate your personal situation. When you are ready to apply, or even have more questions before taking the next step, you should speak with a ChapterTwo consultant and assess your options.


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