comes with less debt and lower mortgage rates

What ChapterTwo can do for you


Tired of drowning in debt?

Credit card debt out of your control? Problems with personal loans? Too scared to answer the phone? We can reduce all types and sizes of debt without damaging your credit rating.



Looking to consolidate your debt?

You can consolidate your debt through a simple mortgage refinance. Instead of paying off numerous debts to numerous lenders, you will have just one monthly repayment to make.



Chasing your dream home?

Our experienced mortgage brokers know this market inside and out. We have hundreds of different products to choose from and always find the best deal for our clients.


Is debt taking control of your life?


Eliminate your credit card debt

We start by reducing your credit card debt and assess your situation.

Our method is proven to be successful. We pledge that we will:

Stop the calls

Negotiate with your creditors so you don’t have to

Say No to any form of bankruptcy, including Debt Agreements

Free you of debt in months

Be your advocates throughout the entire process to financial freedom.




Protect your credit rating

We ensure there will be no black marks on your credit history.

We have forged solid working relationships with all financial institutions

Our negotiation experts have a proven track record

We truly understand what anyone who is going through hardship needs – and we deliver on our word.



Absolutely no bankruptcy

No matter what position you are in, bankruptcy isn’t the solution.

We are experienced negotiators who will:

Deal with the banks and creditors on your behalf

Lower or freeze your interest rates

Dramatically reduce your monthly repayments

Ensure your creditors truly understand your situation

Safeguard your financial reputation for the next chapter of your life.



No Debt Agreements

A Debt Agreement, or Part IX Agreement, is a form of bankruptcy.

We see it too often. People think they are getting themselves out of debt through a Debt Agreement, not realising that a Debt Agreement is actually a binding agreement under Part IX of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 between a debtor and their creditors where creditors agree to accept a sum of money which the debtor can afford. Proposing a Debt Agreement is an act of bankruptcy.


We assess and tailor solutions to your financial situation

Your Back on Track Process


We listen & learn

ChapterTwo customises solutions for you by learning about the stresses you face. 


We create breathing space

ChapterTwo will look to freeze your interest and tailor a solution that is right for you.

We develop your financial plan

ChapterTwo works directly with you to help improve your financial situation.



We settle
 your debt

ChapterTwo negotiates with your creditors to preserve your credit rating. 


We build your secure future

ChapterTwo will set you up with life long support on how to live without debt. 

We eliminate your debt and protect your credit rating.

Your chance to Turn the Page





Frequently Asked Questions


How does the hardship process work?

ChapterTwo will contact your banks to arrange a Hardship period. A Hardship period allows the customer to be able to reassess their finances and get back on their feet. Hardship periods may freeze the interest on your accounts for up to 6 months, reduce or eliminate your minimum monthly payment and allow you some breathing space to assess your situation.


What is a full and final settlement?

A full and final settlement is what ChapterTwo can offer your creditors to allow you pay a lump sum as opposed to the full balance you owe on your debt. In return, ChapterTwo can organise for your creditor to write off the rest of the debt. Our trusted relationships with the banks allow us to offer this settlement to our clients who qualify.

People who qualify are those who are able to come up with some money or have savings available to use. Other ways to achieve a full and final settlement can be through refinancing your mortgage, which ChapterTwo can look to organise for you.


What kind of settlements can be achieved?

The level of settlement that can be achieved vary depending on the clients financial situation. Informal Settlements are based on how much the client has to offer to avoid formal Bankruptcy options like Part IX and Bankruptcy’s.

ChapterTwo aim to negotiate a 40 – 80% reduction based on your financial situation. ChapterTwo is able to do this by leveraging your creditors need to reduce their risk. If your creditors were to make you pay 100% when there is simply no way for you to be able to make those repayments then the decision is not commercial and both parties are affected. By using ChapterTwo, we are able to show your creditors with supporting evidence that you are willing to pay as much as you can and don’t want to default on your debt.


How to get out of debt?

ChapterTwo will provide easy-to-follow steps to help you get out of debt:

  • Assess your assets, liabilities, income and expenses
  • Contact your creditors on your behalf and negotiate a Hardship or ‘breathing space for up to 6 months’
  • Partnered with Critique Private Clients – prepare a cash-flow and budgeting report to minimise your expenses and formulate an achievable budget
  • Negotiate with your creditors to settle your debts at a reduced rate
  • Plan your financial future debt free!